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XC Tuesday Night Race – 7 February 2017

XC Tuesday Night Race - Biathlon

45 racers showed up for the Biathlon Tuesday Night Race last night – with racers choosing classic or skate, with the biathlon shooting range at the teaching flats part way through the lap.

When shooting, if racers missed a shot they had to do a penalty lap of the teaching flats too. Here’s a great shot of two of our racers under pressure!

Please note that next week’s Tuesday Night Race is a VALENTINE’S DAY special!

WHAT: relay skate race in colours.

WHEN: Tues Feb 14 .  Sign in (waivers) 6 pm . Race starts at 7 pm. If you can’t make the race, just join us for a quick beer 9 PM!

WEAR:  Any racer who is NOT wearing a minimum of 10 cm of either red, pink or lingerie must do a mini penalty lap like in biathlon AND catch Bob Putnam to give him a Valentine’s hug.


  1.  LeMans start : Partner A: At the ‘gun’ you sprint ON FOOT to choose your relay “baton” which is a heart.  Sprint back to get your skis on to glide your heart out 3 laps around the main course.  You can just stuff the heart in your pocket. 
  2. Once back, give the heart to partner B who then skis the 3 lap course to the finish with the heart and blows a kiss of thanks to Dave at the finish line (cos he registered you, timed you and he runs the show)  
  3. Remember, you must cross the line with the heart so don’t drop it!

SOCIAL AFTERWARDS: We will meet afterwards at the Queens Cross Pub 2989 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver.

Results from last night’s race (top 5 male racers only did one lap so please disregard for now).

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