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XC Tuesday Night Race- January 16th 2018

Soft conditions, creative grooming, and mist made the race challenging. Despite the daunting state of the mountain, 66 athletes appeared out of the gloom at the lodge, some of them arriving before 7:00 to register! A late start of 3 waves sent them off into the night, most found their way around the route to reappear at the lodge after 1 or 2 laps of skate. Times are indicative of the conditions, with a slower speed for our leader Carey at 12:10 and 13:04. A bit of elbow work kept Reese in the top 3! There were several new young faces from Hollyburn XC who did very respectable times, and a couple of our older females showed us how it’s done, with Anna and Katie posting good times in skate and classic. Well done all of you and hope to see you out for next weeks event.
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