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XC Tuesday Night Race – January 23rd

Zeros Vs Skins
Skis conditions were good with fast-ish snow, reasonably firm and good edging. The official race was 2 laps of classic, but many people choose to skate. For the tough ones who raced classic, it was a bit of a slog.
Zero skis were the Bomb…..which means they were good. They had great grip and good glide. Interestingly Zero skis have taken a back seat to the new skin skis even though both skis are very well suited for our west coast conditions. If we look at the Classic Ski Spectrum it goes something like this.
Scales/Crowns, Skins, Zeros, and Waxables. Going from left to right, less fuss and less technique to more fuss and more technique.
So Skin skis generally have a more consistent grip than Zero skis but as we know grip usually comes at the expense of glide and vice versa. While Skin Skis are easy to use with great grip, I feel you will never win a race on them. Whereas Zero skis can the be fastest skis of the day in the right conditions. Last night all the folks skiing Zeros were pretty happy with their performance.
As a result of the introduction of Skin Skis, Zeros have taken a back seat in the sales department. This translates to GREAT DEALS on Zero Skis at Deep Cove Outdoors. Check out the ridiculously cheap prices here.
Hollyburn Lodge put on great $8 dinner last night that was Mac and Cheese, Last week was Chicken Pot Pie.
Just a heads up as well, next week there will be a 6:45 pm check-in cut off. Too many people are arriving late 😛
We had lots of great prizes organized by Deep Cove Outdoors, like, Coffee cards from Moja Coffee, ranked #2 coffee joint in Vancouver. Thomas Haas gift cards, Toques from SWIX, Deep Cove Outdoors, Salomon, Fischer , Madshus, and Gloves from KV+ North America
Full Race Results
Next weeks race –
Team Sprint
Teams of two on skate or classic skis, a short lap of the race loop (about 1km).Each team has to do 3 laps each. If you don’t have a partner don’t worry we can pair you up, or there will be solo options too.
7pm start.

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