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XC Tuesday Night Race – January 30th

Hello Racers!

What an evening of excitement and chaos! The Team Relay race is always a fun race, with a wide variety of teams, speeds and skills. From the blistering speeds of Blakeley and Carey to the great efforts put in by our young (and future Olympic) athletes, we saw great teamwork in the exchange zone. For the few on classic skis, the pleasure of having the first track set for the races made for a much better race.
Thanks to Hollyburn Patrol for course marshalling and the lodge crew for a yummy dinner special.

A reminder is needed that up until now no one ever parked in the bus turnaround space, so why are people suddenly doing this? It’s called the bus turnaround for a reason! I’m not sure what the fee is to recover your vehicle from the towing company, but I bet it’s more than a twonie!

Click here to see the all the race results!

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