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XC Tuesday Night Race – February 20th

The battle was on for the fastest racer tonight, and with an interval start you never know quite where you are compared to your opponent. In this case Max and Cam fought it out to the last metre with Max winning by a finger tap. I think they both deserve a gold medal. In the “Old Guy” category, David K had a very respectable time. Our fastest female was Barb at less than a minute behind David. Bruno won the Classic category by acclamation. Maya had her fastest personal time yet, with Anne Marie leading her fairly safely around the course. (There was a bit of snow on Maya that didn’t fall off a tree!)
For our younger racers, Lucas had a very impressive performance, with Oliver hot on his heels. Anna made a great showing and big cheers to Emilie and Myka who stuck it out in the cold and completed the full loop!

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