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XC Tuesday Night Race – February 27th

It was not very cold for a P’ayak cool down, and there a few very hot looking faces barrelling over the finish line. Aiden was 2 seconds faster than Matan, but he could expend that effort as he only did one lap. We will have to watch this young speedster!
Julia made a great skate showing as she cooled down from B.C. Winter Games, and Eli posted a respectable classic time after spending the weekend in Kamloops.
In the slightly less young category, David K showed us he still has it, finishing 3 seconds behind Matan but having over twice the years under his belt.
Carrington needed to brush up on classic before Nationals; looks like he has lots of oomph for Thunder Bay.

Next week is the ultra exciting biathlon event, the only one of it’s kind in Vancouver. All racers should sharpen their aim and practise calming their heart rate before taking aim at the target!

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