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Nordic Ski Wax Clinics

Winter is on it’s way, may not seem like it at the moment but it will be here.

Will you be ready? Skis waxed?

How to wax cross country skate skis…the basics

Okay, so everyone knows that you SHOULD wax your skis, but how many people do? We get a lot of people coming in to get their skis waxed by us, which is an easy way to do it, but if you want to learn how to do it yourself, the rewards are endless!

We always recommend taking a wax clinic with an expert; reading about how it’s done is no substitute for seeing it in action. We have waxing clinics on Dec 4th and January 17th from 7-pm with our expert, Bob Putnam, who is very entertaining!

Why do you wax?

The base of all cross country skis are made from materials designed to repel water. Over time, they lose that ability – in order to maintain the base of the skis and to increase the efficiency of the skis water repellency it is essential to wax them. If you ever see the bases of your skis looking slightly white the base has oxidized, and no amount of waxing can return it. To prevent that, make sure you wax your skis at least every 4-5 times you ski.

Don’t have room or space to wax your skis? Cypress & Whistler Olympic Park have Wax Huts that are available free to use to get your “wax on”

You just need a few tools of the trade (placed inside a tool box for ease of transporting) & your skis and you are set for the season!

Attend one of our Wax Clinics and receive 15% off of the purchase price of wax accessories

Necessary equipment

Waxing table (to support skis properly) OR use the table at the Wax Hut



Groove/pencil scraper

Ski Scraper

Brushes (minimum two – one medium and one fine

Call us at the store 604-987-2202 to register


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