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Hello Racers
What a spectacular night and an incredible turnout! We broke all the records with 88 racers on the course and some superbly calculated time estimates for the “Guess Your Time” competition.
We saw a very impressive performance from Aiden Hay, who crushed the skate competition with a time of 11:43.5 beating his coach David Lumb by 30 seconds. Freya Hik powered though for the women’s skate at 13.13.7 and Madeline and Gillian are showing great promise in the younger female athletes. Only four classic skiers competed, with Bruno showing his prowess at 15:54.4. Leo put in an excellent 25:09.2 in his sit ski for his first TNR competition.
The real competition was the time estimate for the race and Madeline Pollock almost nailed it with an error of only 1.2 seconds. There were 25 racers who were within 20 seconds of their estimates. Don’t sell yourself short on those time estimates; one racer estimated twice the time it actually took him!
Thanks to all the sponsors of the race and the Cypress Nordic Patrol for course setup and marshaling. I did not hear any complaints from the public, and you hopefully inspired some to join the action next week; it will be one or two laps of skate, but you can step outside the box and classic if you choose.
Everybody and all ski level abilities are welcomed.


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