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What a night! I’m not sure what is causing it but we broke a new attendance record with 106 racers!

It seemed like there was a large Hollyburn contingent, but also several biathlon athletes joined us after missing out last season. Some other familiar faces appeared as well that we missed last week.
The theme of tonight’s race was skate, but the overwhelming influence was sugar. The snow did not cooperate as hoped due to clear skies and heavy use, resulting in a deep layer of crystals bogging down skis. Everyone made the best of it, and any falls were cushioned.
There were some excellent times, with an terrific performance by Emmanuel Bussani, a superb Biathlon competitor, coming in second after Carrington Pomeroy on the two lap men’s skate. Our UBC females set the 2 lap pace with Madison Brown getting the gold, and Claire Grall-Johnson the silver.
Dustin Hay crushed his team mates in the 1 lap race, and that was on classic skis! He will be giving wax tips before next week’s classic event. Madeline Pollock got the 1 lap silver on classic skis, only 10 seconds behind Stephanie Wood who is twice her age and was skating.
We had two sit skiers, with Leo and Daryl both battling the soft snow on their climb up Hollyburn trail.

Thank you all for your patience during registration. The waivers are a big slowdown but maybe we have dealt with most of them now. Bob and I will see if we can get some on-line stuff happening, but a big limitation of that is there is no Wifi at the lodge, and very poor cell service. We will work on it!


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