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Winter returned to Hollyburn last night and created a bit of mayhem for all. Getting up the hill proved tricky for some, with rear wheel drive and summer tires on a few cars slowing traffic to a crawl. Then once racers headed up to the Lodge, many discovered that the fresh snow had a great affinity for the grip zone of their skis. This did not bode well for the race!
The online registration worked fairly well, with Petra managing those who registered online to ensure bibs and waivers got into the correct hands. A big “Thank you!” to her for stepping up and helping out. We still got a dozen new racers and some regulars did not know about the online registration but the race was ready to go by 7:10. Unfortunately some arrived about 5 minutes after the start. Get yourself onto the Coast Outdoors mailing list so you get alerts about each upcoming TNR race.
In the 1 lap women’s race, young Anna had a great finish, closely followed by Claire. Dustin and Ryan battled to a very close finish in the men’s; they clearly had picked the right grip wax. For the 2 lap event, the snow proved too much for the classic women, with Colleen and Cynthia skating to the 1,2 finish followed by the Freyas on classic gear. In the men’s, Aiden continues to press Carrington and may overtake him soon!
I heard a lot of frustration at the finish line about the sticky snow, but everyone was happy to see more of it on the trails. As I write this, the sun is out and it must be beautiful on the trails today. There are better things to do than work or school so skip out and head up for a sunny repeat of the race!

Just a reminder the next race is a team sprint relay so find a partner before registering for the race.



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