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A starry night and crisp snow met us for the sprint relay event. We had a total of 40 teams and 81 athletes (one team had three racers). The usual chaos in the start/exchange/finish zone occurred with some smooth hand offs and some scary near misses. We need to run a relay exchange clinic as part of our “How to TNR” training sessions! We had the pleasure of welcoming several new racers to the event, and hopefully arranged some successful hookups with our “dating service” for single racers.
The results showed some recurring lead skiers with Team Schratz dominating the event with both speed and smooth exchanges. They were followed by our Hollyburn race team athletes showing their developing speed and skills. The fastest female team was young Ingrid and Juliet, demonstrating their developing speed on the snow. Cypress was well represented by two staff teams who worked hard all day and stayed to race.
The online registration worked well, with 25 teams pre-registering. This made for an efficient in-lodge process and we were ready to start on time. The cut-off time for on-line registration is Monday midnight at the moment.
Next week’s race is 3 laps of skate on the normal course as part of the increasing volume for the P’ayak. For those wanting to avoid cardiac arrest you can choose to do 1 or 2 laps. Of course classic technique is always welcome.

Reminder Coast Outdoors has a Wax Pass that allows you to get your skis waxed as often as you wish for the rest of the season, so your skis are always ready to get you to the finish line.

SPECIAL DOOR PRIZE: **XC TNR #5 we will be giving away a Payak entry**


Race Registration #5

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