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The vapour rising from the packed throng of athletes at the start line last night lent an atmosphere of mystery to the event. Would someone crush the course record with the fast conditions? Did everyone have warm enough gloves so their fingers would still work after three laps? How much grip wax would be left on the snow by the abrasive crystals resulting in lots of double poling?
Comparing times from the first race, there are times of a minute faster for the first lap. Carey did the crushing in his single lap race with 10:37.4. Nick skied an impressive 11:11.2 for the first lap of his 3 lap race, finishing with 34:47.5.
The women pushed just as hard with Andrea L’s 12:28.3 single lap, and Andrea C’s 13:21.7 first lap of her 41:42.0 triple race.
The Hollyburn Race Team was sorely missed but they are heading to Westerns on Thursday and need to rest. Give them a big cheer for their races this weekend.

Racers are reminded that you must start in the wave you are assigned. Some comments imply 2nd wave racers started in the first wave. Detailed forensic analysis of first lap times might prove this true! There might be penalties! (Warming the timer’s fingers and toes might offset those.) Please don’t forget that the public has the right-of-way during the race. It is hard to slow down and give a wide berth, and they can be very unpredictable, but the outcome of a collision will not bode well for the event in the future!

Next week is the Skiathlon, so bring your skate and classic skis and practice changing gear quickly. Maybe get some quick release poles to speed up the switchover.

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