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Our TNR races always have a lot of excitement, and this evening was no different. The bibs and swag were at the lodge, 2 people volunteering to help (actually 3!) 42 people registered online (registration now closes at 2:59 PM on Tuesday) and then …. Car crash on Cypress Bowl Road at 4:30 … Doh!

With much patience and aplomb, our hearty racers waited out the interminable delay, stuck in a snowstorm, knowing the start clock was ticking away. When the traffic started to move, there were many cries from back seats “Just pull out and pass them all Mom!!! We’ll be late!!” Wisdom prevailed and no one else ended up in the ditch. The start was delayed as racers arrived at the Cypress Nordic area and we got going at 7:30.

This race had a wide variety of categories, with long and short courses and 3 different techniques. The results should be looked at carefully to see how you fared against others on the first lap. There was no rule about which technique came first in the Skiathlon, so that distorts the differences for the first lap. I gave Aiden 2 minutes off his time for his start line hiccup, and I know one honest racer double poled his classic lap on skate skis. Well done to all of you and thanks also to the sponsors for the draw prizes at the end. KV-Plus, Salomon, Fischer, Bliz eyewear, Moja coffee, Thomas Haas Chocolates, Trevor Linden Fitness, Swix, Cypress Mountain, Deep Cove Kayak and Coast Outdoors

Next week is the Nordic Time Trial leading up to the P’ayak. One lap interval start. Most skate but there are always die-hard classic skiers. Online registration will be open and you can even delay that until almost the last minute. Race #7 Registration

Race #6 Results

The Payak is still looking for volunteers check out the link below

Payak volunteer info


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