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One of these evenings everything will line up perfectly and the race will go without a hitch. I suppose this is just training for the rest of life with all the stumbles that you must endure and overcome. This time the tiller for the groomer broke overnight, resulting in very nice classic tracks during the day, but none for the race after the afternoon groom.

This would not be the end of the world if you were skating, but the Race Team had classic on the schedule so they had to deal with the track-less expanse of the course. For the skaters, there was actually more room to move on the trails, making the task of getting around their slightly optimistic self-seeded opponents much easier.

The results are certainly interesting. The top five male skaters range in age from 52 to 11 years old! Lucas had a great performance, only 1:10 behind Nick. He also beat Andrew, which I thinks was his personal goal. David and Ted better keep hammering or he will crush them too. In the classic category, Aidan set the pace with teammates Ryan, Quinn and Dustin hot on his heels. The women hammered across the line with some impressive times; Colleen had Michaela breathing down her neck.

Anja and Myka put lots of effort into their lap. Andrew and Wyatt battled it out for a 12 second difference and Luke had a great smile as he crossed the line. It’s always great to see the next group of up and coming athletes putting everything into these races!

The next race is the P’ayak Cooldown, where you wear your medals or ski on your draw prize skis basking in the glory of surviving the 50 km course.

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