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A very crisp night greeted our athletes, with dry squeaky snow grabbing at ski bases for the whole race. A few still had sore muscles from the P’ayak, having completed the 15, 30 or 50 km courses on Saturday. Fortunately there were no fatalities at TNR unlike at the P’ayak; a squirrel met it’s demise when it played chicken crossing a trail in front of a speedy Nordic racer.

  Some of our young racers are putting the pressure on now, with Anna beating Stephanie W by a second, and Andrew and Wyatt both beating a lot of older athletes in the one lap race. Emelie and Myka came barrelling in to an almost tie finish and tons of laughter.
  Nick crushed the two lap category with a time of 24:27 but his second lap was 30 seconds slower; perhaps easing off when he knew Carrington was safely behind him in 2nd place. Andrea was in front for the female 2 laps as usual, with Stephanie and Emmajean a couple of minutes behind.
  Two more races to go, with the Biathlon next week. Sharpen your “shooting” skills before the race! This has a modified course which will be described in the on-line registration signup.
Race #8 Results
Race # 9 Registration
 The final race (Team Relay) is followed by a special dinner and the big prize draw at the Lodge. Lasagna, dessert and a drink for $20.00
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