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Spring Cleaning 101

Wise words from Bob…

Last week I polished up my surfski with Onit Pro Blu Goo power cleaner and Xtreme Creme a 2-part polishing system. I have to say I was very pleased with the results.

My Carbon V12 Elite came out looking BETTER than new!! A bold statement I know but WOW!

Over time your surfski, kayak or paddle board accumulates gunk on the hull and deck that you make not notice. You can see it on white surfskis. Often there is sea sludge on the sides. I can only imagine that this affects the gliding surface negatively. Add exposure to the elements, maybe your craft has been sitting outside over the winter and accumulating mildew, then bake it on with a bit of sun and you get residue build and oxidization that can’t be removed with soap and water.

The first step is The Blu Goo Power Cleaner. Rub this on with a clean soft sponge. This stuff is like tooth paste and has an ultra fine grit that cuts through all the munge, really scrub the hull and deck with this layer then rinse it off really well using a clean soft sponge. In hind-sight I would have been more meticulous with the Step 1 application as I notice missed spots when it was all said and done. This layer really cleans the crud off.

Step Two is the Xtreme Creme. Rub it on with a damp sponge, let it dry and buff it off with a clean shop towel. This is where kayak, surfski or paddle board really starts to look great.


Onit Pro claims that the Xtreme Cream creates a hydro-phobic surface and will give you 18% reduction in hull friction at 18 mph. Yep I hit 28 kph all the time!! But our performances is the accumulation of a whole bunch of small improvements, so I’d be happy with a 5% reduction in hull friction.

The first thing I noticed was how easily my tie downs glided over the hull. Second thing I noticed is that my surfski was darn slippery. As Daryl so eloquently stated, “Like trying to pick up a wet salmon!”

What about on the water!
Well its hard to say, I didn’t do any scientific tests, but the ski felt like it had some nice glide. When I was bouncing over some wave, it didn’t seem to get stuck but instead felt like it released from the waves. In general it felt good! Placebo? Hard to say, but if you feel good, that’s got to help.

Coast Outdoors is selling the Xtreme clean 8oz for $26.95
And Blue Goo Power cleaner 8oz for $44.95

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