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Women on Water Sea Kayak Workshop




Here at Deep Cove Kayak Centre and with the support of Coast Outdoors, we hosted our first Women on Water Sea Kayak Workshop. We had the top female Sea Kayak Coaches from all over Canada come to Deep Cove and teach 36 lovely ladies some fancy new skills.


Friday night we kicked our off our WOW sea kayak workshop with an evening talk and slide show from Justine Curgenven which was hosted by Coast Outdoors in North Vancouver. Everyone left feeling empowered and excited to start paddling tomorrow after hearing Justine’s stories from her kayaking expeditions from all over the world, if you have never heard her stories you should, they are quite entertaining.


Saturday morning, everyone gathered at Deep Cove Kayak Centre in Deep Cove BC. Check-in was by the beach with complimentary coffee, wet suit pick up and dinner selection prior to meeting your coaches for the day. After check-in we started our day with all 36 women paddlers and their coaches in circle to do a fun get-to-know you energizer and stretch led by one of our Deep Cove Kayak Centre Instructors; Vanessa Iverson.

Everyone was then taken by their coaches to do their pre-chosen sessions. There was a wide variety of courses running throughout the morning, everything from “Back to Basics” to “Advanced Boat Handling” which meant no matter your paddling experience, there was a course that was suited to everyone.

Saturday afternoon it got really interesting… We had a blasting of strong winds and HAIL STORMS! Funnily enough the crazy weather was when Meaghan was running her “Intro to Weather Session”, we couldn’t have planned it better!

Of course, this weather did not deter out tenacious ladies.

We had women overcoming their fears of capsizing and learning how to exit their boats safely. We had women learning how to deal with incidents out on the water. We had women learning how to roll – star student Aline Koeppel did her first kayak roll and her polaroid is now forever on our Deep Cove Kayak Centre’s wall of rollers!

The day was rounded off with a BBQ style dinner and drinks at the beautiful Northlands Bar and Grill.

Sunday, we had calm weather and sunshine! Perfect paddling conditions! Everyone got out again and completed two more sessions. We had Camp Craft ladies hiding in bushes and tying knots with Farroe, We had ladies paddling faster and further with Kate, we had ladies blending their stokes with Justine and Chris, we had ladies learning how to brace their boats with Krista and ladies learning how to edge with Meaghan.

A huge Sunday highlight would have to be a Bum Shuffle race involving 36 women down a grassy slope next to the Kayak Shop. Kate assured the ladies, that this activity was designed to “help them improve their rotation for forward paddling”…

Overall a great weekend was had by all. This weekend was about women who love being on the water, learning new skills, expanding their paddling communities and “filling their cups” (doing something to enrich themselves).

Thank you to all of our incredible coaches who taught and inspired us all to become better paddlers.

Justine, Meaghan, Kate, Krista, Chris, Vanessa, Danielle.

And thank you to all the women who came and took part, we can’t wait to see you out on the water.

We may even see you on the May long weekend for our WOW Surfski clinic.

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Katie Weinstein

Group Coordinator

Deep Cove Kayak

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