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TNR #12 Sponsored by Garage Guru

Thanks to Garage Guru for sponsoring tonight’s TNR!


After a wild Tuesday night last week, everyone can rest easy. This Tuesday was the first in many weeks that did not require buoys, swimming, or any setup.

Last nights 8 km race took the paddlers out to Roche point and back. While it was a simple race, the conditions were not. On the way out paddlers said the wind was against them and on the way back, the current was causing them some troubles. That being said I bet some racers wished there was some swimming involved.

Nonetheless, attendance has been at an all-time high this year. Almost every race this year has around 80 paddlers rain or shine. We are not sure if its the ripple effect of the big chop shutting down or just word of mouth that TNR is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Big shout out to all the racers and keep the word spreading. Ditch the cheap movie Tuesdays and come for a paddle instead.

The OC class was well represented on Tuesday night. It was great to see an OC6 out there for the first time this season. The crew of Tony /Rob /Ashley /Andrew /Brad /James dominated as they outpowered the rest of the racers. In addition to the OC6, we had Catherine, Chris and Stewart racing OC1s. Love the increased turnout buy the OCs this year. Tell your friends!

As for the Surf Ski class Daryl Remmler is back in a single and doing some serious damage as he took home 1st with an impressive time of 42:50. There was a lot of on water battles happening but none more noteworthy than the fight between David Kvick, Scott Wanless, and Rod Hope. With David taking home the gold in that bought, Scott and Rod still gave it there all.

In the SUP class we missed Mike D but always love seeing Karly Cox do her thing. However with Mike not racing this left the win for the SUP division up in the air. The Gerbrecht boys had a big sprint finish at the end of the race which gained them applause at the raven later that night. With Kelvin, Dorrian, and Imre rounding out the top 5 the SUP field is wide open until Mikes return. We all wish you a speedy recovery!

As we near the end of June we wanted to remind everyone that the Canadian Downwind Champs are coming up on July 13. Registration is open and filling up fast! If you want to join or just looking for more information, Click Here. If not, then we will see you all next week!


Race photos click here

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