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TNR #24- Race of Truth (Sponsored by the RCMSAR)

Once again, another season has come and gone… but oh man did we have some good times. I would love to sit here and reminisce, but we have next year to look forward to. Come on people TNR is not going anywhere and neither are we. Unfortunately, I could not attend the year-end race party… I made the responsible adult decision to get a good night’s sleep as I am amid some long and horrible work deadlines… but enough about my boring life. To all those who did make it out to the raven last night, I am sure you all had a great time without the presence of Cam. Before we get to ahead of ourselves, I would like to thank the couple that makes this night possible. Massive shout out to Mike and Karly for being the most hardcore race organizers out there, they continue to absolutely kill it week after week.


I am very fortunate to have been let into the tight SUP community of Deep Cove this past season and plan on continuing paddling as I find a renewed love for the sport. I didn’t make it to as many races as I would have liked, but there is always next year. On another note for those who know what I am talking about stay on your toes this winter… As you sit in your favourite comfy armchair sipping adequately priced craft beer, sucking back turkey and stuffing, I want the fear of me training all winter in the back of your mind. You know who you are **cough Tim, Dorian, Kelvin **cough.. I’m coming for you all.


The last race of the season is always a good one. The race of truth… where bank accounts are thrown out the window, and everyone is on the same playing field. The SS found themselves paddling some sturdy sea kayaks, and the SUPs were on the ever so stable GOs. The course was a three-lap buoy course where carnage ensued.


In the kayak division is was Tony Hodanic who took home 1st. I was told Tony is regularly an outrigger paddler. I think its time to make the switch Tony and give some of our SS regulars a run for their money. Steve and Andrew cleaned up 2nd and 3rd as there were battles and even some water fights happening left and right.


As for the SUPs, the battle was not as fierce because most of them were trying to avoid getting hit by the razor-sharp wing blades. It was Adam G claiming 1st  with Gary G and Dorian close behind. A well-fought battle was had on all board as some were a tad quicker than others.


As our TNR season comes to a close, it does not mean that the racing season is over. We have one more race to go, and boy is it a doozy. The 32km Indian Arm Challenge is taking place this weekend, September 14th. Register as a team or take on the challenge alone. I will see you all next season! Till next time…

Race results here: Click here for results

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