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Mike’s Christmas Wish List

Mike’s Christmas Wish List

If you paddle in Deep Cove, you’ll know Mike! When Mike isn’t running the Deep Cove Kayak operations, he can be found training and competing. At the age of 23, he got in on the SUP trend and ran (paddled) with it. You’ll find this SUP instructor at most of the local races, but he can also be found winning SUP Championships, competing in World Championships, and this year he represented Canada in the Pan Am Games. Impressively, that’s leaving some of his sporting accolades out! Highly qualified to be giving tips on a SUP Christmas list! Here’s Mike’s:


Mr Zogs Sex Wax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the “go to” choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world. We carry the warm (14 – 23 degrees), the cold (9 – 20 degrees) and extra cold (14 degrees and below).

Mike ‘I always have wax with me so that my feet and hand do not slip!’


OnIt Pro Blue Goo Power Cleaner is environmentally friendly, yet tough enough to remove the most stubborn stains, scuff marks and oxidation from any watercraft. Ideal for kayaks, surfskis, SUP, OC, and more! Regular use will help keep your craft looking and functioning like new.

Mike ‘Gets rid of the grime and is best used in combination with the ONIT PRO XTREME CREAM.’

Gooper Phone Case – $30

A great cell phone case from Gooper! A triple magnetic seal ensures your phone stays dry while you paddle. The clear plastic means you can still use the phone out on the water, and the lanyard means you can attach it to your jacket or kayak and it won’t accidentally get dropped off the side. Guaranteed waterproof to 30 meters (100 feet).

Mike ‘The magnetic sealing on top ensures no water gets in. It’s difficult to get wrong, you don’t have to think or stress about it. We’ve tested loads and this is the best we’ve found!’

Coast Outdoors Hat – $35

UPF 50+ Excellent Sun Protection. UPF built into the fabric to guard against the most harmful rays of sun. Quick-dry, Lightweight, Breathable Hat. Light polyester and mesh provides ultimate air flow and moisture-wicking, inside a sweatband.

Mike ‘Quick dry fabric so you can paddle, get it wet and rinse it off afterwords’


Used by Pros in many water sports and works for any finish including a dull sand finish, Onit Pro Xtreme Cream seals (No Water Migration), protects and reduces friction on the surface of your watercraft up to 15%. Less drag = MORE SPEED AND PERFORMANCE! 

Mike ‘Makes you go faster AND protects your board’

FCS Big Wave Essential Leash – $49.95

Features: 4-8ft wave range. Interchangeable smooth rotating nylon cuff and rail saver swivel assembly. Engineered polyurethane cord. Deluxe padded ankle strap and a key pocket.

Mike ‘Leashes wear out over time and this is a TOP leash to keep paddlers safe!

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