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Bob’s Christmas Wish List

Bob’s Christmas Wish List

Does Bob require an introduction? Just in case you didn’t know… This surfski evangelist was instrumental in building Vancouver’s surfski community. You won’t find any pictures of surfski’s in the TNR before 2005, (Bob set out to change this!). Now, the sport is massive in Vancouver and you’ll find the majority of TNR pictures, are of surfskis.

Bob takes competing seriously too! Even after participating in the last 3 World Ocean Racing Champs, multiple US Surfski Champs, and Molokai M2M races, he’s still looking for the next one and is ALWAYS game for a race! He’s not just the founder of the TNR, but the founder of the Canadian Surfski Champs! Bob can probably teach us a thing or two as to what a surfski enthusiast would want on their Christmas list…  

Epic Seat Pad – $26

This seat pad is made from 6.5mm (1/4”) thick closed cell foam and has a self adhesive back. It also has 2 removable pieces, to help relieve pain from the pressure on your sit bones, if needed.

Bob “Raises you up in the seat a little bit so you’re not sitting in water. People sometimes can chafe when paddling and this helps alleviate that

Nylon Pogies

Nylon Pogies – $30

Pogies for paddling! Use these lovely breathable pogies to keep your hands dry and warm while maintaining control of your paddle.

Bob “Most pogies are too hot for surfski because you’re expending too much energy and get too hot. These are a little cooler and they keep the wind off. The Nylon Pogies create a perfect temperature to train in!”

Epic Non-Slip Traction Pad Set – $32

Epic Surfski Non-slip Pads provide traction and comfort on all surfski footboards. These come with a self adhesive backing. These are an absolute must to prevent your feet from slipping when you are driving hard into the footboard.  Some can’t paddle without them.

Bob “If you want to be fast and effective, don’t slip and lose connection (your feet) to the boat. Put this on and and you’re good to go!”

Think Surfski Leash

Think Surfski Leash – $59

We ALWAYS recommend using a leash whenever you surfski. Even in calm conditions if you fall out of your boat it can be blown away from you quicker than you can swim after it. The Think leash is a great option to keep you as safe as possible.

Bob “People don’t realise that you should really replace them on a yearly basis. Doing so keeps you safe and attached to the boat!”

Think Wave Deflector – $49

A wave deflector can make a huge difference when paddling in waves. Instead of having waves wash over the bow and into your cockpit, the wave deflector will push them off to the side. The carbon construction will look good on any ski and being flexible, it will fix onto any ski

Bob “Easily connected and is awesome in big wave conditions. Splits the wave and I’d say it keeps about 70% of the water from hitting your face. Also, if you’ve got a GoPro at the back, it makes for sweet pictures!”

Check what Bob is referencing at the bottom of this post!

Vaikobi VDRY Lightweight Vest Unisex – $120

Designed to protect your core and leave your arms free to work, the VDRY Vest has been designed and tested by the Vaikobi Race Team across a range of conditions during training and racing. Featuring a super lightweight 100% polyester breathable shell, you will barely notice you are wearing it apart from the sound of the spray deflecting off your vest and away from your body!

Bob “Keeps that cold wind off. Wears nice and looks SWEET! 

Bob & the Think Wave Deflector in action. Picture courtesy of @thepaddlelab

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