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Tuesday Night Race

Coast Outdoors Cross Country Ski Tuesday Night Race

We’re so close to the start of the XC Tuesday Night Race and we’re pumped! Here’s some key information:


Holly burn Lodge

4000 Hollyburn Trail, West Vancouver, BC V7N 3N9

**Arrive at 6pm for the first race**


You can pre-fill your waiver for the season at Coast Outdoors (this will help avoid big bottleneck queues!). Alternatively, call in at least an hour before the race to get that waiver sorted (only 1 needed for the season).

Registering & Paying

3 options when purchasing & registering for the races (Note: even if you have bought a series pass, you still have to register either online or at Hollyburn Lodge for EVERY race).

Option 1: Register & pay online per race: $2 (plus reg fee). Benefit: no need to pay or wait in line to get your bib (pick it up at Hollyburn)

Option 2: Register & pay at Hollyburn Lodge: $5 (this will take the most time as we will put your details in to webscorer on your behalf and then assign a bib).

Option 3 (Best option): Register for the first race at Hollyburn Lodge and pay $20. Then, the remaining 9 races can be registered for, online, with a code that you use to make the remaining 9 online registrations free.

Benefit: Cheapest option (because you don’t need to pay for reg fees online each time). Also, if you register online on webscorer to each race, you only need to pick up your bib from Hollyburn. **Important** You still need to use that code online to register for each race. If you forget to do that, you can come in to Hollyburn lodge and tell us your code and we’ll apply the discount on your behalf.

Where to register

We use a service called Webscorer to register all racers and to track your times. This is where you will find the race results too!

Either you or us (on your behalf) will need to register every racer, on Webscorer (every race). You can find the race registration links on our Calendar.

Alternatively, you can click on the following links to register for each race:

Registration links

Week 1 – January 7th

Week 2 – January 14th

Week 3 – January 21st

Week 4 – January 28th

Week 5 – February 5th

Week 6 – February 11th

Week 7 – February 18th

Week 8 – February 25th

Week 9 – March 3rd

Week 10 – March 10th

Final Race Dinner

Race dinner and celebrations to mark the end of the season. This is a SEPARATE registration to the race. Register here

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