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Staycation Special Deliveries!

We’re excited about our latest deliveries at Coast Outdoors because it means we can contribute to this #vancouvercomeback by helping everyone get outside, get fit and have fun this Summer! 🌞

Here’s a handful of deliveries we think this #vancouvercomeback was made for: 

SUP Bike Rack
The easy to install rack fits on to the side of the bike and you’ll have the ability to ride your SUP and paddle to the beach!⁠

SUP Bike Rack $290
We have the Onewheel Pint & Onewheel XR in stock at Coast Outdoors!

Whip around the city or take things off road – this e-skateboard is bags of fun!

Staff pick: ONEWHEEL PINT $1500
We have Think and Epic surfski’s at Coast Outdoors.

Surfski’s are lightweight racing kayaks. They can be used on lakes, rivers or the ocean. There’s fun for every occasion! ⁠

Check our Surfski collection
Staff pick: Think Six from $3895
Rack of OneSUP boards
We have a large collection of ONESUP boards in store.

We have SUP’s for every occasion: Racing, leisure, inflatable or touring.

Staff pick: ONESUP EVO 2.0 HYBRID from $3100
We have a big selection of Canadian approved PFD’s, in a range of makes, sizes and colours. ⁠

Brands included in store: SalusVaikobiMustang, Onyx OutdoorsKokatat⁠.
Summer Paddling Gear
We have all sorts of paddling gear and accessories for the summer. Ranging from paddling layers, hats and shades to Icemule coolers and roof racks.

Browse our accessories here

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