A surfski is basically a very fast sea kayak. They are designed with minimal weight, usually between 25 and 35 lbs, so are very easy to lift on and off your car. Check out our blog post about it here if you’re curious to learn more!

It used to be that surfskis were only for experienced paddlers, but things have changed! There are now 14ft and 16ft plastic surfskis that are fantastic for beginner paddlers that have never even been in any kind of boat before. Once you have learned the basics and feel confident, you can increase the length of the surfski and decrease the width to get faster, and travel further, easier.

We would ALWAYS recommend that anyone buying a surfski takes advantage of the FREE lesson we offer with every purchase. If you are a beginner, it will be hugely beneficial to learn the best paddling technique, and also how to remount your surfski in case you fall off, all of which is covered in our Learn to Surfski lesson. If you are already paddling, a lesson with one of our instructors will improve your skills and form for more efficient and effective paddling.

Surfski really is the most exciting paddling around. Come in and see us to talk more about it.

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