Blackfish Salish Paddle


The Blackfish Salish Paddle was originally designed for smaller paddlers, but it has become increasingly popular with paddlers of all sizes and strengths.

Now available in Fixed Length Skinny 460cm ($419) Fixed Length Regular 460/500cm ($429) and Adjustable Skinnt 460cm ($469).


Blackfish Salish Paddle

The Blackfish Salish Paddle is a hybrid design with a cross between a high aspect and teardrop shape. With its subtle scoop, vertical sides and square shoulders it has a forgiving yet solid catch with more power than you would expect from a blade of this size. Originally designed for smaller paddlers the Salish has grown to be one of our most popular shapes among paddlers of all sizes.

The blade is 460cm2 and the shaft is smaller than their regular paddles to accommodate smaller hands. Designed for smaller paddlers – either juniors or smaller women who are performing highly, and want a paddle they can comfortably paddle distance with. It is available with an adjustable or single piece shaft.

Now available in a 500cm2 blade for those who love the shape and feel of the original Salish, but want a bit more oomph!

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SUP Paddle Shaft

Adjustable, Single Piece


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