Chota Quicklace Mukluk Boot (out of stock)

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The QuickLace Mukluk stays secure on the foot and provides superior lateral support.


A great lace up boot for extra security!

Chota have designed the ‘QuickLace System’ to keep the Mukluk secure on your foot, and provide really strong lateral support should you need it.

The boot is fleece-lined, and made of 3mm closed-cell neoprene which keeps you warm and dry, pretty much up to your knee.  There is a neoprene ‘gasket’ around the calf which should stop splashes or even waves from just swamping the boot if it is cinched tight as it should be.

There is a 7mm vulcanized rubber sole. Now I had to look up what a vulcanized sole is, and according to Wikipedia:

Vulcanization or vulcanisation is a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials by the addition of sulfur[1] or other equivalent curatives or accelerators. These additives modify the polymer by forming cross-links (bridges) between individual polymer chains.[2][3] Vulcanized materials are less sticky and have superior mechanical properties.

The boot also has a plastic midsole, and more vulcanized rubber on the toe cap and heel counter to provide additional foot protection.

The QuickLace Mukluk boot is perfect for touring kayakers who want to keep their feet warm and dry, but also need more foot protection and support.

Construction: 3mm closed-cell neoprene/ 7mm vulcanized rubber sole
Colour: black

Chota Quicklace and Mukluk Light from Deep Cove Kayak on Vimeo.


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