Epic Mid Wing Full Carbon

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The Epic Mid Wing is a mid-size wing blade paddle designed for endurance and surfski paddling.


THE paddle chosen by the majority of paddlers

The Epic Mid Wing paddle is the best choice for most fitness or racing paddlers. Constructed with Epic’s Burgundy Shaft, the Medium Flex construction option is better suited to distance paddlers.

Construction: Carbon Medium Flex (Burgundy) Shaft Length-Lock
Length: 205-215 and 210-220 Blade surface area 750cm
Width: Blade: 50 x 16.4cm/Black

1 review for Epic Mid Wing Full Carbon

  1. Dan Douglas

    I have been using this paddle for 5 years and cannot say enough good things about it. I paddle both a Delta 17 and an Epic 18x Sport, for day use, training and expeditions. The light weight is very helpful on a long day. I continue to perfect my stroke, and still see benefits from refining my technique. There was an immediate increase in speed when I switched, and the wing blade provides incredible bite on entry. I will continue to favour this paddle for all my kayaking, and certainly if I move to a surfski.

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