Epic Small Mid Wing Full Carbon

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The Small Mid Wing is a slightly trimmed down version of our Mid Wing. It is ideal for smaller paddlers or those paddling longer distances.



The smaller size is well suited to smaller paddlers, those paddling longer distances, or anybody who desires a wing paddle with less resistance.
It utilizes the burgundy shaft. The burgundy shaft is our lightest weight shaft and has a medium flex.

Construction: Carbon
Length: 205-215 and 210-220 Blade surface area 735cm
Width: Blade: 49.9 x 15.9cm/Black

2 reviews for Epic Small Mid Wing Full Carbon

  1. Randy Chatterjee

    The ultimate long-distance touring paddle: exceedingly light, small-blade for less strain on the shoulders, and the best stroke geometry to keep your arms straight and relaxed. Although delicate (don’t push off from rocks with it) and tricky to use for anything but a forward stroke, this paddle will use the least energy for the greatest push of any other paddle shape or size. The finely adjustable length and feather also provides for the ability quickly to dial in a feather for headwinds, in either direction, and to shorten or lengthen the paddle by 10 cm for different stroke geometry in changing water conditions or levels of fatigue.
    The excellent staff at Coast Outdoors helped me choose this blade size despite my earlier interest in the Mid-Wing. This is by far the better paddle for touring or longer-distance racing, unless you have the strength and endurance to handle the larger forces generated by a bigger blade. Warning: It will take a long time to learn to paddle this blade correctly, and a lesson on its use is highly recommended before you develop bad habits.

  2. Dan Douglas

    I found an older used Small Mid Wing and added it to the Mid Wing I have been using for 5 years. I agree with Randy’s comments in the earlier review, but want to add that the difference is fairly small, and it feels like the Mid is a little better in big water (slightly more bite). The Small Mid Wing is a lovely paddle for long distance use, very light and comfortable to hold. I find I am using it at shorter lenghts as I get used to a higher angle stroke. I would definitely buy it again.

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