Epic Touring Paddle – Hybrid Construction

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As well as their popular Wing Blade paddles, Epic Kayaks also make touring paddles, and they are some of the best. With two options – the Relaxed and the Active – these paddles will make your longer distance paddling a breeze.


The Relaxed version of the paddle is lightweight, stable and exceedingly smooth. It is perfect for the cruising kayaker and a slightly less aggressive, lower angle paddle stroke. As you know, efficiency is everything on the water, and the Relaxed Touring blade features a longer and narrower surface area, facilitating a stroke easy on the shoulders with the power and control needed for any water conditions.

The Active version of the paddle combines the lightweight, clean performance of the Relaxed version, with a larger blade surface, providing more power for paddlers utilizing a higher angle stroke and seeking a distinct edge in speed and acceleration. This paddle is perfect for fast touring and racers who opt not to use a wing paddle.


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