Epic V8 Double Surfski



The double surfski we’ve been waiting for!!

We have been excited about the prospect of a V8 Double Surfski for a long time – it is exciting for ALL levels of paddler, and will open up a whole lot of terrain for people to paddle in.

For beginners – a stable and fun way to try ocean surfski paddling with your buddy!

For intermediate paddlers – try paddling in bigger ocean swells or surf with confidence

For expert paddlers – take your beginner friend or child with you!

Basically, the V8 Double Surfski builds on Epic’s efforts to widen the surfski paddling community by building stable boats that anyone can paddle and HAVE FUN doing so! No longer are surfskis just the fast, wobbly machines that only expert paddlers can paddle. Certainly they still make those, but they also have widened the range to provide innovative, stable surfskis suitable for beginners who can and paddle proficiently from the first day on the water.

Epic have made the V8 double easy to carry with side handles at each cockpit in addition to bow & stern handles. The front cockpit accommodates paddlers from 5’0” to 6’7” in height, while the rear cockpit will fit those from 4’10” to 6’5” tall.

ONLY available in the Ultra construction!


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