Fischer Speedmax Skate Boot


Fischer’s highest performance skate boot, built for speed with all the latest technology and materials!


Fischer Speedmax Skate Boot

The world class performance of the Fischer Speedmax Skate boot starts with a world class fit for stability and efficient power transfer. A new lacing system and racing last secures the foot, while the light, strong sole and Zero Play Hinge guarantee precise, smooth movement to save valuable seconds. The RACE CODE seal confirms you’re wearing World Cup equipment.

Only the finish line will limit your speed


Sometimes history is decided by a hundredth of a second or a fraction of an inch. With this in mind, the Fischer product team designed Speedmax skis, boots and poles with cutting edge materials and constructions for minimal weight and maximum speed. The Fischer RACE CODE seal is your assurance that Speedmax products are built to World Cup standards.

Also available in women’s fit: Fischer Speedmax Skate WS Boot



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