Gara Odin Wingblade Paddle (out of stock)


Last available is small blade, small shaft, 200cm


Gara Odin Wingblade Paddle

The Gara Odin is an improvement on their old favorite blade, the GP2. This is a lighter paddle with more of a teardrop shape, and a whole new construction. The design of the paddle allows the paddler to achieve an earlier catch and an efficient exit. This is Gara’s best all-round paddle.

The Gara Odin Small is a smaller version of our most popular product, the Odin. This blade is very economical and is suitable for lighter paddlers, and for ultra distance events.

The shaft is a blend of 60% cabon and 40% glass for great stiffness and light weight, whilst remaining forgiving on the body.

Available sizes:

Regular blade – 205cm, 210cm (orange shaft) SOLD OUT

Small blade – 200cm, 205cm, 210cm (orange shaft) SOLD OUT

Small blade/small shaft – 200cm (black shaft)


Length 494 mm
Width 170 mm
Weight 220 g (per blade)
Surface Area 713 cm² (CAD calculated)


Length 478 mm
Width 166 mm
Weight 220 g (per blade)
Surface Area 677 cm² (CAD calculated)


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