Intro Skate Ski Package

$687.00 $618.30

You Save: $68.70 (10%)

Get skiing for less this winter with our Intro Skate Ski Package, featuring:

Salomon RS7 Skate skis

Salomon Prolink Access Skate bindings

Salomon RS8 Skate boots

Swix Quantum Seven poles


Intro Skate Ski Package

If you’re looking to get into cross country skiing without breaking the bank then look no further! The Intro Skate Ski Package we’ve put together covers all the big ticket items with Salomon RS7 Skate skis, Prolink Access Skate bindings, RS8 Skate boots, and Swix Quantum Seven poles. Quality equipment at friendly prices.

This package saves you 10% on the gear and we’ll even throw in a complimentary waxing and binding mount (combined $50 value). Last, but not least, we offer 10% discount on additional ski gear, such as clothing, gloves and touques, waxes and gear, hydration packs and more!

Our packages are just recommendations, if you’d like to swap out any particular items in the package for something that suits you better that’s absolutely fine! The 10% discount and other bonuses apply when any combination of ski, binding, boots, and poles are bought together.


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