Intro Ski Waxing Package

$181.00 $163.00

You Save: $18.00 (10%)

If you’re looking to do your own ski waxing at home or on the go then look no further than our Intro Ski Waxing Package.


Intro Ski Waxing Package

If you’re tired of taking your skis to the shop every time you want them waxed and your local ski area is woefully under-equipped then our Intro Ski Waxing Package is for you! We’ve put together a great selection of essential gear to get your set up for waxing your own gear at home, or on the go! You may also want to check out our Waxing Clinics this winter!

This package includes:

Your choice of Swix CH X Wax in a 180g block – $35

A standard-sized Swix Plexi Scraper – $12

The Swix Pencil Groove Scraper – $7

Swix Medium Bronze Brush – $40

Swix Fine Nylon Brush – $30

Wintersteiger Waxing Iron – $57

Total Value – $181

Package Price – $163

And if you want to upgrade any components, such as change the CH wax for LF wax, or get a better iron, then that’s totally cool! You’ll get the same discount rate.

Check out our wax bench and profile options for the ultimate home waxing setup!


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