KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs


If you want to secure your stand up paddle board, kayak or surf ski either to your car or at home, these lockable tie downs are for you!


Lockable tie downs are the safest way to secure your boat or board to your roof rack.

With standard tie downs, anyone can walk up to your vehicle and remove your kayak or board without attracting attention. This can be a real concern when parked at the beach, river, shops, café or camping ground.

Understanding this, the Kanulock Lockable Tie Downs were designed to provide security and peace of mind to fellow paddlers when leaving their kayaks and boards unattended on roof racks.

The KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tie downs however they have the added benefits of being able to lock securely with a key and are reinforced with stainless steel cables. They come in three sizes:

2.5m/8ft (green) $86.00 suitable for a surf ski/surf board
3.3m/11ft (orange) $98.50 suitable for a SUP
4.0m/46ft (yellow) $111.00 suitable for double-stacking SUPs
5.4m/18ft (blue) $123.00 suitable for kayaks/paddleboards

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2.5m, 3.3m, 4m, 5.4m


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