Kialoa Hulu Double Bend (out of stock)

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Paddle longer and stronger with this ergonomic double bend shaft.


The Double Bend is Kialoa’s Formula 1 race blade. The complex shape of our PowerHook blade profile is supported by the Carbon Foam Core, and creates an aggressive catch at the start of your stroke and a clean release when exiting the water. The edge of the blade is extremely durable due to the internal carbon edgebanding. The blade is combined with an extremely light and responsive Double Bend carbon shaft with optimized flex, and topped with the proven ergonomic Carbon Ergo-T Grip.  Even better – each of the Carbon Foam Core blades is handmade in the USA.

The Kialoa Double Bend Technology can only be found on our Hulu paddles which are designed specifically for racers. The purpose of the Double Bend is to create overall joint stability and connection to the core, allowing you to paddle using your larger muscle groups. The Double Bend puts the shoulder in a more ergonomic position due to the top of the shaft facilitating a bend in the elbow of the top arm.  This stabilizes and connects the shoulder to the body. The Double Bend also reduce overuse injuries to the wrist and elbow by creating a neutral wrist on the bottom hand. Kialoa developed the technology from their deep history with Outrigger Canoe racing, and has thousands of miles of proven results at improving paddler’s performance.


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