Kokatat Surge Paddling Suit (Out of stock)


This great paddling suit combines a suit and semi-dry paddling top and pants in one Goretex garment, due to the SwitchZip technology.


Versatile drysuit that can be a semi-dry top, pants, or full suit

The Surge paddling suit is a great option for those who want the features of a full drysuit and also the option of using it as just a paddling top. And also the option of just using the pants!

The Surge suit can do this by virtue of the SwitchZip technology, which separates the suit completely at the waist. The zip is fully waterproof, so once zipped together, the suit operates as a regular drysuit would.

Once separated you can just use the top which has full gaskets at the wrists and a neoprene neck gasket for comfort. You can also just use the pants which stay up with a draw string at the waist.

The paddling suit is constructed of highly breathable and waterproof Goretex, and is ideally suited for SUP or fitness paddling. Featuring 330 Cordura® Goretex in seat and knees for added durability, and the neoprene neck gasket is adjustable with a cinch for comfortable performance.


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