Madshus Hyper JRR NNN Boot


The Madshus Junior Series Nordic Ski Boots are designed to get young cross-country skiers excited about winter.


Madshus Hyper JRR

The Madshus Hyper JRR is engineered with a stiff rearfoot and cuff for skating and a flexible forefoot for classic skiing. The Hyper JRR Ski Boot has the same breathable and water-resistant MemBrain® Softshell found in our adult Race Performance boots. The Madshus Hyper JRR’s T4 outsole has been engineered for versatility that’ll take young skiers the distance on either classic or skate style skis.


RevoWrap™ construction envelops the foot with a single piece upper, from the heel around the toe and back to the heel and from the outsole up to the lacing on the eyestay. The upper materials conform to the foot with minimal seams, providing even pressure distribution. As you tighten your laces, it pulls directly on the upper material connected to the outsole, which help delivers a snugger, more comfortable fit, leading to precise control of your skis.
RevoWrap™  Technology


Madshus boots feature MemBrain® softshell lace covers. This waterproof and breathable material helps keep the foot warm, dry, and comfortable.
MemBrain® Softshell Construction Technology


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