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The Motionize Paddle Edge is a virtual paddling coach that utilises real-time data from your stroke to give you tips to improve, as you paddle. One sensor is attached to your boat, the other to your paddle and they feed data back to your phone which then gives you feedback both audibly and visually. It really is an incredible step forwards in technology!


Real-time feedback from a virtual coach – the future of kayaking is here!

The Motionize Paddle Edge is two sensors which link to an app on your phone – one on your paddle and one on your boat. As you paddle, the sensors send data to your phone, and as you paddle it gives you tips to improve your stroke, in real-time! This is an amazing tool – you can see all kinds of detail about your existing paddle stroke, such as angle, length, intensity etc etc, and then it shows you how to improve your stroke using that data.

Feedback is given both visually and audibly through your phone which you mount on your boat too. As they say “Each stroke, each boat tilt, and each heartbeat – they all count.”

The sensor also acts like an emergency beacon which gives you even more confidence to paddle.


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