MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe (out of stock)


MSR’s Lightning Ascents represent a revolution in snowshoe design. Available in mens and womens models, they feature a patent pending Total Traction frame, made from one vertical blade of aerospace grade aluminum that delivers unprecedented 360° traction. They’re also the lightest snowshoes in their class, about 15 percent lighter than competitors with performance and usability that surpass everything that’s come before. Available in sizes: 22″.

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Unrivaled Traction
Serrated Total-Traction frame delivers unprecedented 360 degree grip.
The lightest snowshoe in its class.
Unmatched on Steep Terrain
Televator heel lifter reduces calf fatigue, making climbing easier and more efficient.
3-strap step-on binding fits a variety of boots and is fast, secure, and easy to use.
Stable Support
True-Hinge steel crampon enhances foot stability and minimizes heel drift, resulting in more efficient gait mechanics and less expended energy.
100% Waterproof
Materials won’t soak up water and freeze; straps remain easy to use in all conditions.


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