Mysterioso Long Sleeve M-Tech Zip Top (out of stock)

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Super lightweight, breathable clothing that keeps you incredibly warm – suitable for wearing solo or over a wetsuit on chilly days, or under a dry suit on really cold days.


Mysterioso is super comfy, super warm, and the zip version gives you options!

Mysterioso’s M-Tech is made with Polartech Powerstretch fabrics that provide a body-hugging, 4-way stretch fit. The zip version comes in men’s only (blue stitching) and has a zip along the roll neck.

It is durable and non-pilling, made with a tight knit for warmth and wind resistance. Wear M-Tech alone, under a wetsuit or as a first layer. It also works really well as a layer for wearing under a dry suit on cold days.

The outside feels somewhat like neoprene but softer and more flexible. The inside is super soft and fleecy – so much so some people get Mysterioso to wear as pyjamas!!


Construction: Polartech Powerstretch
Length: Various
Width: Black


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