Think Kayaks Uno Max Gen 3 Surfski (out of stock)

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Revamped for 2017 – the Uno Max is the ultimate racing machine!

The Uno Max has been the boat to beat since its introduction in 2011. Not to name all of her victories, but it has been on the podium for The Canadian Surfski Champs, The Euro Challenge, US Surfski Champs, Cape Point Challenge, Australian Ocean Racing Series, and World Championships are just a few of the titles she’s claimed. That amount of wins says a lot about the speed and precision of this surfski

Now for 2017, Think have introduced the new Uno Max! According to them it is faster, with improved comfort AND increased stability, the new Uno Max is a step forward on a proven, race-winning platform. The rocker line has 12mm added to improve glide and maneuverability in the runs, making it easier to keep the speed up and the waves linked. Seat ergonomics, already the best in class, have been engineered with more room for improved rotation and increased leg drive. The chine lines along the hull are spaced 8 mm wider, increasing stability. More stability leads to better application of power, and they have made small changes that add up to a significant step forward in performance.

In 2016, the new Uno Max has already taken the win at the 2016 Euro Challenge, the 2016 All Wave Cup, and a podium finish at the legendary 2016 Molokai Challenge and it appears there is simply no better all-conditions race winning craft for the elite paddler.

Available in Elite and Ultimate lay ups.


  • Length: 21′ 2″ (645 cm)
  • Width: 17″ (43 cm)
  • Capacity 140 – 230 pounds (65 – 105 kg).

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Ultimate, Elite

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  1. Connor C

    I’ve had the UNO Max for a few months now. I’ve raced it, taken it for long training paddles, had it on a few small downwinds, and surfed the good-old paddle wheeler wave. Prior to this I paddled the exceptionally good Epic V-10.

    I only have good things to say about the UNO Max. If you are looking for an elite boat, the UNO Max is an exceptional choice. I got the Elite lay-up. The construction and finishing is VERY impressive. It appears seamless, which gives it a really smooth and sleek look. The boat is very stiff and responsive to my power input– it just jumps up to speed when you ask. The steering is consistent and evenly-responsive– not overly-responsive like some brands, but just smooth and predictable.

    I really like the bucket on the Think Kayaks. Each person will be different and some brands/boats will fit better than others, but for me this was the biggest selling point of the UNO over other elite boats. I like that the bucket is a bit higher because this puts me in an great paddling position and really encourages, and allows for, excellent leg drive.

    The UNO Max is an elite boat, so it has the stability of an elite boat. But with that comes amazing speed. The UNO Max is a true rocket ship! This is very evident when I am trying to catch runs– I can just drop the power, and with only a few powerful strokes, slip into runs very easily. The larger volume bow of the UNO Max, combined with the speed, allow me to also climb over runs and onto the next one much more easily than my old V-10. And when on runs, I find the UNO Max just locks in and I feel very stable and ready to drop the power when the opportunity presents itself. Secondary stability is good once you learn to trust it. On larger waves, I find the boat responds well to edging inputs to steer– I can mostly keep my foot off the rudder and let the boat glide. Very impressed!

    Bottom line, exceptionally pleased with the UNO Max and can’t wait to get it out on some really big runs!

    Finally, it was great that Deep Cove had the Demo Days so I could try the boats back to back and feel which one fit me best.

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