Think Kayaks Zen Surfski


Performance – $3850

Elite – $4695

The Zen is the Swiss Army Knife of high performance paddling. First and foremost, it’s fast. Really fast. The length to width ratio is such that it can mix it up with the elite and competitive skis with confidence. The slightly shorter length reduces wetted surface area; the benefit being exceedingly quick acceleration.


Think Kayaks Zen Surf Ski

Second is the stability. The Zen is very stable for a ski of this performance level. To go fast you need to be able to apply power. To apply power you need a platform that is confidence inspiring, letting you focus on maximum efficiency. The primary stability in the Zen lets you dig deep when you need to.

Thirdly, the Zen features the Gen3 ergonomics that really let you perform at your best. Our footboard system adjust in 5 mm increments, allowing you to find the exact position that fits you perfectly. The lower hump under the knees offers unrestricted leg drive, and the seat height is comfortably above the footwell, putting the paddler in a strong position.

Construction: FG/Carbon/Kevlar
Length: 18′ 4″
Width: 20.5″
Weight: Performance 34 lbs, Elite 27 lbs

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