NRS Hydroskin Wetsocks


Looking for a sock to go inside your wetshoe for kayaking or paddleboarding that isn’t too bulky? The Hydroskin wetsock from NRS is a great option.


Neoprene HydroSkin Wetsocks from NRS

These great hydroskin wetsocks protect your feet and keep them warm without being too bulky. They are the ultimate wetshoe liner. And, hey, they work great with sandals too if you like that sort of thing.

  • Made of 0.5 mm neoprene core which insulates and protects.
  • The 4-way-stretch PowerSpan™ outer layer gives you enhanced mobility and greater durability.
  • They have a ThermalPlush™ inner lining which increases insulation, repels moisture and dries quickly.
  • The titanium laminate adhesive aids body heat retention without adding bulk.
  • The DWR coating forces water to “bead” and roll off the material, so reducing evaporative cooling.


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