OneSUP Storm Dugout 14′ Paddle Board (Out of stock)

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The rough water machine! The Storm from OneSUP is built for handling the roughest waters. Smooth and stable upwind, fast and agile downwind, and great in everything in between.


OneSUP Storm

Downwind, upwind, or just bumpy water from any direction the OneSUP Storm is just designed to make life easy and help you go FAST!

With the wider nose outline and high volume that leads into a full pin tail, the dynamics that go in to making this board work have taken many prototypes to make sure what you are getting is going to work and work better than anything like it!

Already a proven race winner at the highest level, what makes the Storm stand out from the others is its ease of use and making paddling in any wind so much easier and far more enjoyable.

If you love downwind and want the board to do most of the work, so you can concentrate on paddling and just pointing the board in the right direction, then trying the Storm is a must.


Full Carbon Standard

This is our work horse construction, giving amazing strength to weight ratio.

Full Carbon Ultra Light

The Ultralight is for those wanting that bit extra when every gram counts, with no expense spared in making sure the boards are as light as possible with out compromising to much durability.


Speed 8
Stability 8
Kick Turn 6
Upwind heavy wind large chop 10
Upwind light wind small chop 9
Downwind heavy wind large bumps 10
Downwind light wind small bumps 9



Length Width Volume
14 24 286L
14 25 298L
14 26 310L
14 28 335L


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