OneWheel Pint


Our latest shipment of Pints has just arrived. Get in while stocks last!

The OneWheel ride experience distilled into a smaller package for your every-day journeys and adventures.


OneWheel Pint

The new OneWheel Pint brings great value for money in a small, but powerful, package! With a top speed of 25kmh and a range of up to 12km it’ll crush your commute no problem. The reduced size and weight, as well as the convenient carry handle, also make it very portable once you reach your destination.



At just 27 inches long, Pint fits in your life. Take it on the bus, set it next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk.


Outfitted with an integrated Maghandle, take this fun-sized stoke machine to go.

It’s lit.

Pint features Lightbar integrated into the front footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts. Plus it looks sick!

Get going quick.

Stick the landing. Pint features Simplestop dismount technology, enabling new riders to learn to ride quickly and feel confident.

Make it yours.

Colored fenders, bumpers, and handles, Surestance footpads, ultrachargers and more. Make your board an original like you.

Looking to go further and faster? We have the OneWheel XR in stock too!


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