OnIt Pro Xtreme Cream 8oz



OnIt Pro Xtreme Cream

Used by Pros in many water sports and works for any finish including a dull sand finish, Onit Pro Xtreme Cream seals (No Water Migration), protects and reduces friction on the surface of your watercraft up to 15%. Less drag = MORE SPEED AND PERFORMANCE! Xtreme Cream is a SUPER HYDROPHOBIC COATING made to last for months and is 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedCHAMPIONS TRUST! Note: If Xc starts to separate and turns to liquid, shake bottle vigorously to bring it back. If still separated, mix in on the surface with a sponge and it will be good.  Go Higher Go Faster Go Further Go Longer

Ideal for kayaks, surfskis, SUP, OC, and more!

Prep the craft with OnIt Pro Blue Goo for the best results!


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