Salomon RC9 Vitane Classic Prolink Boot


Precise control and all day comfort to take your skiing to the next level. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN®, and Turnamic® bindings.


Salomon RC9 Vitane

Feel the optimal blend of performance and a specific women’s fit with the Salomon RC9 Vitane Classic Prolink. It combines Salomon’s best fit features with a comfortable last and Thinsulate for all day warmth. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN® and Turnamic® bindings.


  • Classic Flex Chassis
  • Sensifit
  • Adjustable Heel Strap
  • Qicklace
  • Thinsulate Liner
  • Customer Fit
  • Salomon Performance Women’s Fit
  • Thermo Formed Heel Counter
  • Lace Cover With Diaognal Zip
  • Prolink Sport Outsole
  • Salomon Performance Women’s Fit Last

Classic Fit Chassis

Stability, control and power transmission. Good forefoot flexion for classic style and stiff heel for perfect torsion to flexion rigidity ratio.


Provides precise and comfortable foot hold for all foot widths.

Adjustable Heel Strap

Adjustable strap around the back of the heel for precise heel hold, comfort and performance.


Salomon’s well known one-pull lacing system for a precise and snug fit. Kevlar laces run through polygliding hooks to provide hold where needed.


Exceptional insulation and warmth.

Custom Fit Liner

A combination of comfort foam, thermo moldable foam and lycra which provides the ultimate fit and comfort to every foot morphology.

Salomon Performance Women’s Fit

Medium volume for maximum foothold, high comfort, and precise fit. Specifically adapted to women’s morphology thanks to a narrower heel and instep volume.

Lace Cover With Diagonal Strap

Salomon’s user-friendly protection against snow, water, and cold.


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