Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad


The Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad allows you get protect your board, while your fury friend cruises in comfort and style.


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Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

If you love taking your pup out on your SUP, but can’t stand claw marks all over your nice, shiny board, then this pad is just the thing for you. Quick and easy to apply ,3M® Peel-n-Stick EVA foam pad adds custom cushion to your SUP board. Cut to shape and size for best fit.

  • 3mm thick foam protects your board from dents and scratches
  • Semi-permanently attaches with 3M® peel-n-stick adhesive
  • Easily trim foam for board customization
  • Dimensions: 38 X 20 in.
  • Weight: 0.8 oz.
  • Foam Thickness: 3mm


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