Starboard Inflatable Blend SUP 11’2 x 32 SUP 2018 (Out of stock)

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Starboard Inflatable Blend Details

The Starboard Inflatable Blend is a great all around board, for use by anyone in any conditions. With excellent stability this board will get even the greenest paddler through challenging conditions. It also makes a great surf SUP for those looking to crank up the adrenaline!

The Deluxe construction is a two-chamber design, for added safety when your adventures take you further away from the shore.

Inflatable SUPs are taking the market by storm, as they are unparalleled in their transportability and versatility. Love paddling, but getting bored of your local waters? No problem, just deflate and pack your board and it fits easily in your car for a road trip, you can take in on the plane to go farther afield, and you can even hike it in to hidden lakes where you would never could have paddled before. With the Starboard Inflatable Blend you can paddle anywhere, anytime!

  • Fun glide for cruising, stable shapes for catching small waves. 
  • Versatile Size range. Offers a board for every rider weight and skill level.
  • Longer wider boards have faster glide and stability. While shorter narrower sizes are easier to turn and carry.

Starboard Inflatable Blend Specs:

  • Length – 11’2″ (340.3cm)
  • Width – 32″ (81.2cm)
  • Thickness – Zen 4.75″(12cm) Deluxe 6″ (15.2cm)
  • Tail width – 18.1″ (45.9cm)
  • Volume – Zen 310L Deluxe 330L
  • Rider weight – 99-220lb (45-100kg)
  • Fin set up – Zen Thruster Deluxe Single
  • Weight – Zen 23lb (10.44kg) Deluxe 26(11.75kg)

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